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Unique construction environments require unique solutions. When Hostelling International (HI) Canada identified a need to grow their facility in Jasper, the unique environment in a national park with unpredictable winter weather pointed to modular construction as the best method to complete the project.

Choosing modular construction meant the ability to address the project’s two most important needs – timeline certainty and the sustainability of the surrounding environment – while ensuring a high-quality build.  The result is a project that is a showpiece for time to market, complexity and sustainability.

Constructing the 66 required modules in our temperature-controlled, off-site manufacturing facility in Kamloops meant a faster and more certain timeline to opening. HI Canada opened the doors to its new facility 10 months after manufacturing began, a time savings of up to 50 per cent from a comparable site-built project.

The project’s sustainability needs were met with minimal waste created in the manufacturing facility and a site footprint much smaller than a conventional build. The construction team spent less time on site, fewer deliveries and other traffic were needed, and the noise and dust that are common to conventional construction were reduced.

The Facts

66 total modules over 4 buildings

25,000 square foot, three-storey lodge accommodating 157 guests
25 four-bed shared rooms, 17 private rooms, five family rooms
Various amenities including guest laundry, on-site cafe, kitchen, patio with BBQ and fire pit
2 staff accommodations buildings
Maintenance facility
Key needs:

Sustainable construction
Timeline and cost certainty

Project completed with minimal impact on environment, visitors and residents
10 months from manufacturing start (August 2018) to opening for first guests (June 2019)
Functional and trendy design
Hostelling International saw the benefit of modular construction for their project. If you are considering a hospitality or other development project, contact us to discuss how modular construction can work for you.

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