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The days of 2D plans, layouts and elevations as the best way to envision a project are coming to an end. Modern technology offers clients the opportunity for an immersive three-dimensional design experience early in the project – one that provides the peace of mind you seek in construction.

At NRB Modular Solutions, we use Revit, BIM and Virtual Reality (VR) tools to create this experience for our modular construction clients and allow us to better collaborate throughout the design development process with Architects and Engineers. The result is a more precise understanding for you and all your stakeholders on several key aspects of your project, including:

  • Collaboration and clash detection among the engineering teams, e.g. no ducts running into beams
  • A solid understanding of the sequence of build ensuring trade experts can be efficiently planned
  • Constructability reviews from our manufacturing and construction experts prior to build
  • Automation of your material lists and bills of materials

The application of VR for a client means the chance to put your stakeholders inside your design and use that experience to feel and see the likely experience of your finished product. You gain a true understanding as spatial concepts are effectively communicated, allowing you to unlock better decisions and alignment across your team prior to manufacturing. We can then create the most efficient production scenario for modular fabrication, leading to faster, more certain project delivery.

NRB has used Revit, BIM and VR for many projects within the affordable housing, multi-family and hospitality industries. When embraced properly, the effective collaboration means any misunderstandings or errors are almost eliminated. It also undoubtedly enhances all the benefits that you already know modular construction offers – a faster, more certain, higher-quality and sustainable way to build.

Buildings reimagined. Contact us to learn about strategies to make your modular project a success.


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